Alex De Taeye

Musicien et compositeur belge
1898 - 1952

Alex De Taeye

Belgian Composer
1898 - 1952

Alex De Taeye, composer with multiple talents and academic precision with affinity for tradition and formalism.

Louis Buisseret´s painting (Binche)

Humoresque, performance by Paul Rosenthal

By his daughter

His personality had multiple aspects. From one side, he could be very intransigent (...). He played a major influence in my childhood....) I am looking for him through his music, so nice and charming.

Nicole De Taeye

Nicole De Taeye tells Nicole van der Kroft - De Taeye.


"We say about Alex De Taeye that he served music as a composer, as a creator, as a teacher, as an organiser. This sentence sums up his effort and can be verified through all his life moments. "

Praise during the unveiling of De Taeye´s bust offered by the city of Mons to its conservatory.

Alex DE TAEYE (Brussels, 1898-1952) is one of Belgium´s most distinguished composers and musical figures whose mature musical style reflects an affinity towards a solid, emotional late 19th century Romantic orchestral style.

Alex De Taeye est né à Bruxelles, le 23 octobre 1898; admis au Conservatoire royal de Musique de Bruxelles dirigé en
1908 et 1912 par Edgar Tinel. Il reçut une solide formation et cotoya de nombreuses personnalités musicales.

His music

Alex De Taeye is precocious and productive composer who left us an important catalogue of more than 150 works for big symphonic orchestra, harmony, brass band, chamber music, instrumental and vocal music, choirs, theatre and ballet music, religous music and one opera.


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